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Welcome to Prime Lawn Care LLC

Head outdoors this season on a Prime Lawn Care Group, the Official Sponsor of Spring®.

Welcome to Prime Lawn Care LLC

Head outdoors this season on a Prime Lawn Care Group, the Official Sponsor of Spring®.

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Best Lawn Care and Treatment Company in York, Pennsylvania

Our team at Prime Lawn Care LLC believes in clean and well-maintained lawns, we understand how people love their lawns. That's why our team has members who will care deeply for your lawn and guarantee only top-notch maintenance. Our lawn care services in York, Pennsylvania are the best in business, you’ll definitely get the most spectacular results, and our team will make sure of it. For the best lawn care, we are your best option.

We specialize in restoring lawns, which includes weeds removal; weeds that were never treated or mistreated, commercial as well as residential lawn care and many other yard maintenance services in Pennsylvania, to provide your lawn the nurturing it needs. Service provider.

Our Specialty

We offer various services to our customers at very reasonable prices. If you’re having trouble choosing what lawn maintenance services you require, our experts will hear about the problem you’re facing with your lawn and provide that service accordingly, we provide the following lawn treatment services:

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Shrub Trimming and Pruning

  • Leaf Clean Up

Our team has expert members, who have years of experience in this line of work. They are well aware of all your lawn’s requirements and will make sure they are fulfilled properly. If you are in search of lawn care services near you, then you should definitely check out our services. We will take care of your lawn like our own, that’s why we’re one of the best lawn treatment providers in York, PA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prime Lawn Care LLC uses the right equipment to do the job

Right Equipment

Prime Lawn Care LLC specializes exclusively to residential lawns & commercial properties in the Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, York & Lancaster areas.

Residential lawn care requires different equipment than commercial properties. 

Prime Lawn Care LLC uses zero turn stand on lawn mowers (SCAG) and professional grade push mowers that won’t scalp your yard, tear up your grass, or create heavy tire depressions in your lawn.

By matching the right equipment to your home, your lawn stays beautiful year round.

Top Reasons To Hire Prime.......

  • We arrive when scheduled….  and provide prior voice, text message, or email notification.
  • We do take Before & After pictures when a job is completed for the customer and do text message & email the results to the customer.
  • We protect clients’ property…. With out $1,000,000 insurance policy
  • We screen our employees… so that every team member undergoes a background check
  • Expertise - Leave it to Prime Lawn Care LLC. We are the Professionals.
  • A Better Looking Lawn = Increased Property Value
  • Less Physical Labor for the customer.
  • We have State-Of-Art-Equipment. We have the right equipment and knowledge to operate for the best results, so you're left with a gorgeous lawn. 
  • Consistent Care - We take 100% pride in our work
  • Knowledge & Expertise 
  • Safety & Liability Concerns - We have insurance to cover any damage or accidents. We also have proper safety training when mowing or servicing equipment.
  • Our lawn care equipment goes through a monthly inspection every month. We, Prime Lawn Care LLC equipment is safe on a daily basis when performing day-to-day jobs.
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Can I still pay with a check or cash?

Yes, you can. If you pay with a check, you are going to write the check out to Prime Lawn Care LLC. If you pay with cash, we ask that you put it in an envelope with your name on it, date of service and your invoice number. When we arrive at your property for service, we ask you to let us know where we can find your cash payment. Please make sure you put your check or cash in a very safe place.

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Prime Lawn Care Group has a team of accomplished experts, who commit to their work completely and ensure proper lawn maintenance, that’s why we’re the best lawn care service provider in Pennsylvania, USA. We believe in furnishing exceptional services to our clients to guarantee absolute satisfaction. Our best lawn care services are 24/7 available for every customer in need, we’re just one call away.

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