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The submissions of your documents, which involve, but are not limited to: resumes, email, flash movies, images, logos, audio loops, and other software hereby establish your contract to permit us a nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, sub-licensable, continuous license to reproduce, supply, transfer, alter, adjust, sublicense and openly present any such submissions.


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  2. You using or accessing this website.

Violation of These Terms & Conditions

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Further Terms

If we fail to act upon or impose stern enactment of any provision of these Terms & Conditions shall not be interpreted as a disclaimer of any provision or right. The course of conduct between the participants or trade activity would not change any provision of these Terms & Conditions. We have the authority to allocate our rights and obligations under these Terms & Conditions to any associate, without notice to you, at any time. If any of these terms shall be considered unacceptable, void, or, for some reason, not applicable, that term shall be believed separated and will not have an impact on the validity of any other term. Any other rights not specifically decided are reserved.

Complete Contract

These Terms & Conditions establish the whole contract between you and us concerning this website. These Terms & Conditions surpass all previous or concurrent communications and suggestions, whether oral, written, or electronic, between us and you about this website. Any alteration of these Terms 7 conditions will be efficient unless we allow it.